New Management Team to Head Up LED Sales and Technical Support Services for North and South American Markets

Taipei City, TW, November 18, 2010 —  Sander Electronics announced today that it is opening a new office in Rancho Cordova, California —the first part of a multi-phase plan to expand sales and support operations globally.  An official grand opening of the new US office is planned for January, 2011. Sander Electronics has been a leading supplier of display-quality, high-brightness diodes for the LED display and lighting industry for decades. 

Rancho Cordova was the logical first step in this expansion, says Jye Huang, Director of Sander Electronics, because of the high density of LED display and lighting companies headquartered in the Sacramento Metropolitan area.  Rancho Cordova is recognized as the heart of the LED display industry in the US, both physically and psychologically. Some of the first, and most historically important, full color LED displays ever sold in the US were engineered locally, and today the area remains a hot spot innovative LED design engineering and manufacturing.

Sander Electronics has a long history of working with LED Display and Lighting manufactures in the area, having supplied the high-brightness diodes and LED modules that light up many of world most famous LED displays signs such as the ABC Good Morning America Sign in Times Square. 

The new Sander Electronics office will provide sales and technical support services for North and South America. The technical support team will be headed up by Larry Meyer, an LED display industry veteran who brings more than 25 years of engineering and technical expertise to the team. Also heading up the management team is Pamela Thompson, a marketing and public relations consultant from the LED and pro-AV industry.

About Sander Electronics

Sander is a premier manufacturer Light Emitting Diodes, LED display modules and LED components for OEM applications. With two state of the art LED manufacturing plants, Sander Electronics is headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Sander diodes have been lighting up the world’s most iconic LED displays and notable industrial applications for over 20 years.  Sander Electronics manufactures high-brightness, display-quality diodes for LED display, automotive and commercial applications, and is a trusted OEM resource for LED display modules used in commercial signage.  With billions of diodes installed in the world’s most recognizable LED displays, Sander is the preferred OEM partner chosen by the industry’s largest and most notable LED display manufacturers for high brightness LED modules and components.  Sander high-brightness discrete and SMD diodes are available a wide range of shapes, sizes, viewing angles, colors and luminance standards suitable for high-brightness LED lighting and display applications.

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