New MBI5035


Maroblock’s LED display driver featuring low power is adopted by Yaham to realize the green energy concept.
LED Display info:
Size: 211.29m2
Pixel Pitch : 16mm

Pixel Density: 3,906 pixels/m2
Resolution : 825,344 pixels

Finish Time : July, 2011
Source: Yaham

Taiwan Hsinchu——Hongling Mansion in Futian District is in the most bustling financial district of Shenzhen, China, where a number of landmark buildings located, including the highest building in the city, KK100, Shenzhen Theater, Diwang Mansion, Shenzhen Bookstore and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Recently, a LED display with an area of more than 200 m² has been installed on the exterior wall of the three-story Hongling Mansion. The HD quality and high power efficiency of the LED display meets the demand of new generation IT products. 

"Power efficiency has become a major appeal for IT products duo to the surging power rate in China resulting from supply shortage and the global trend of reducing CO2 emission.” said Tony Jiao, Vice President of Sales at Yaham Optoelectronic. The LED display adopts the LED driver MBI5035 by Macroblock Inc.  It is the first low power 16-bit LED display driver by Microblock that realizes the green energy concept. MBI5035 features a low knee voltage of merely 0.2V, which is able to effectively lower power consumption and carbon emission of the LED display by 35% to enhance system stability and extend the LED lifetime.  It also uses fewer power supplies and fans for LED display manufacturers. “The low power driver MBI5035 launched by Macroblock benefits LED display advertisers to reduce electricity fee and enhance their green competitiveness!” said Robert Chen, General Manager of Macroblock.

Comparison Table of Electricity Fee BetweenTraditional LED Display and Power-Saving LED Display

Electricity Fee

(12hours a day/ per year)

Traditional LED Display

(Embedded LED drivers:MBI5024)

Power-Saving LED Display (Embedded LED drivers:MBI5035)

Size of LED Display:100m2



Carbon Emissions

127600kg CO2/Year

82940kg CO2/Year

Note: The calculation is based on Co2 emission factor for American electric power: 0.549 kg CO2/kWh. Besides, the average U.S. industrial electricity fee for the year 2009 is USD$ 0.068/kWh.

MBI5035 adopts PrecisionDrive™ technology to enhance color accuracy and current uniformity. The design of staggered delay of output between channels can avoid inrush current and reduces EMI interference. The packaging is compatible with traditional MBI5024, therefore only an optimized power supply design is required to upgrade to MBI5035 for power-saving LED display. 

Founded in 1999 in Taiwan, Microblock Inc. positions itself as a mixed-signal design house with special focus on the power management and opto-electronic applications. For more information and samples, please visit the company’s website at



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